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Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance

Find below ACELG members, listed in alphabetical order, with links to their personal webpages.

dr. L.J. (Laurens) Ankersmit

Assistant Professor European Law

Ms D.C.M. (Dominique) Barnhoorn LLM

PhD researcher

Mr Y.C. (Yannick) van den Berg

PhD researcher

prof. dr. L.F.M. (Leonard) Besselink

Professor of Constitutional Law

prof. dr. S.F. (Steven) Blockmans

Professor of EU External Relations Law and Governance

mr. N.J. (Nik) de Boer LLM

Assistant Professor in Constitutional Law

dr. J. (Jan) Broulík

Assistant Professor in European Law

Ms T.M. (Teresa) Vieira da Silva Cabrita LLM

PhD researcher

dr. K.J. (Kati) Cseres

Associate Professor

Ms S.K. (Sophie) Dura

PhD researcher

prof. dr. C. (Christina) Eckes

Professor of European Law, Director of ACELG

Mr W.E. (Wiebe) Hommes

PhD researcher

prof. dr. P.J. (Pieter Jan) Kuijper

Professor em. of the Law of International (Economic) Organizations

Ms T. (Tatevik) Manucharyan LLM

PhD researcher

Ms N.B. (Nathalie) McNabb LLM

External PhD researcher

Dr M. (Marta) Morvillo

Postdoctoral researcher

Mr J.K. (Kaan) Özdurak

Centre support

dr. mr. A. (Anniek) de Ruijter

Associate Professor

prof. dr. A.A.M. (Annette) Schrauwen

Professor of European Integration, in particular citizenship law and history

Prof. R. (Rene) Smits

Professor of the Law of Economic and Monetary Union

mr. L.C. (Lara) Talsma LLM

PhD researcher

dr. T.A.J.A. (Thomas) Vandamme

Associate Professor

Mr P.M. (Pedro) Vicente Pereira de Sena LLM

External PhD researcher

dr. M. (Maria) Weimer

Associate Professor

prof. dr. mr. R. (Rein) Wesseling

Professor of Competition Law and Regulation

prof. dr. J.H. (Jonathan) Zeitlin

Professor of Public Policy and Governance (Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences)