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Ph.D. Research Projects

Amsterdam Centre of European Law and Governance

The following research projects are currently being pursued at ACELG.

  • Searching for Data: Law and Practices of EU Agencies in the AFSJ Dimension and their External Relations
    Dominique Barnhoorn
  • Regulating lifestyles: The influence of regulation on the reduction of consumption through consumer behaviour
    Yannick van den Berg (joint PhD with ACT)
  • The EU’s Role in the Development or Demise of International Criminal Law
    Teresa Cabrita (also member of ACIL)
  • Smart meters: a matter of data protection and competition law
    Lucio di Cicco (external PhD candidate)
  • A European Pillar of Social Rights: Expectations, Implementation and Potential Impact on the EU’s Performance in the Protection of Social Rights
    Sophie Dura
  • Discovering and creating European human rights, the Netherlands 1945-1995
    Wiebe Hommes
  • Risking inconsistent enforcement of data protection law in Europe? An empirical study
    Nathalie McNabb (external PhD candidate)
  • The Legitimacy of Macroeconomic Adjustment Programs in the Economic and Monetary Union 
    Tatevik Manucharyan
  • Transgovernmental cooperation networks and norm formation processes for the protection of migrant workers in Asia
    Pedro Miguel Vicente Pereira de Sena (external PhD Candidate; also Department of Constitutional Law)
  • The UN Women, Peace and Security Agenda in the EU’s external action: a critical legal analysis
    Lara Talsma