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European Law Clinic

Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance

At the European Law Clinic the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance is offering its legal expertise to help work on legal question related to European law as they come up in legal practice, litigation of legislation and policy.

About ELC

The European Law Clinic offers the students of the Masters European law and European Competition law the unique opportunity to study law and lawyering in context. They work with real clients with real problems. This gives students the opportunity to develop a keen sense of responsibility and thoughtfulness as they make their first steps into the world of the 'law in action'.

The students work in close supervision with clinical educators and professors at the Amsterdam Law School. The clinic aims to encourage students’ critical thinking about the functions of law in society and its possibility to make positive changes and contributions our social world. At the same time the Clinic offers probono services to clients that are represented by lawyers, organisations or government entities that are dealing with a complex legal issue that may require extra research if the case is complex, if the client is does not have adequate means for extra legal research, is pursuing a public interest or the case represents an unpopular or difficult cause.

Clinical legal education is the study of law and lawyering in context. Working with real clients with real problems allows law students to begin the lifelong process of becoming thoughtful, responsible, and reflective lawyers.


The European Law Clinic is committed to diversity and inclusiveness. We aim at creating an environment that fully includes hardworking and interested students that are committed at making a difference in their lawyerly endeavors. We are convinced diversity is of the utmost importance in fostering a challenging intellectual environment where all perspectives are invited and can contribute to a deeper understanding of the role of European law in society.