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The Amsterdam European Law Clinic offers students of the Masters European Union Law and European Competition Law and Regulation the unique opportunity to study law and lawyering in context. In the clinic, students will work with real clients on real cases and projects. This gives students the opportunity to develop a keen sense of responsibility and thoughtfulness as they make their first steps into the world of the 'law in action'.

About the Amsterdam European Law Clinic

Students work in close supervision with clinical educators and professors at the Amsterdam Law School. Students receive intensive, hands-on, guidance from clinical educators and staff from the Amsterdam Center for European Law and Governance on how to conduct legal research, and how to write a legal opinion for external clients on issues of European law. The clinic aims to encourage students’ critical thinking about the functions of law in society and its possibility to make positive changes and contributions to our world. At the same time, the clinic offers pro bono services to clients that are represented by lawyers, (non-governmental) organisations or government entities that are dealing with a complex legal issues that may require extra research. This legal research may be required due to the complexity of the case, because the client does not have adequate means, or because the client is pursuing a public interest or the case represents an unpopular or difficult cause.


Are you looking for a way to enrich your study career with an experience in the Amsterdam European Law Clinic? Are you ready to contribute to real cases from real clients? Are you interested in working together closely with other students on topics concerning European Law? Taking part in a semester of the Amsterdam European Law Clinic might be just the thing for you!

Copyright: Florian Huber
It is a really rewarding experience to work on real cases from real clients in the academic setting of the Amsterdam European Law Clinic: you gain hands-on clinical experience that you just can not get inside a regular classroom while using your skills as a lawyer to pursue a wider public interest. This unique opportunity is greatly enhanced by insightful courses that benefit from the diverse perspectives of various legal professionals, scholars and fellow students. Florian Huber AELC fall semester 2020-2021

Looking for a collaboration?

Do you or does your organisation work on issues or projects involving the public interest? Could you or your organisation use extra expertise in solving a legal issue in the field of European Law? Are you in need of legal research to support your cause? Would you like assistance from a dedicated team in your strategic litigation strategy? If so, then a collaboration with the Amsterdam European Law Clinic might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Contact us

For any questions regarding the Amsterdam European Law Clinic, please email us at or contact:

Dr. L.J. (Laurens) Ankersmit

Faculty of Law

European Public Law

The Amsterdam Law Clinics are part of the Experiential Learning program of the Amsterdam Law Practice.