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ACELG Working Papers (SSRN)

The following Working Papers have been published in the ACELG Working Papers Series on SSRN.


  • Pierluigi Cuccuru, 'Interest Representation in European Standardisation: The Case of CEN and CENELEC', ACELG WP 2019-06, SSRN



  • Christina Eckes, 'The law and practice of EU sanctions', ACELG WP 2018-01, SSRN  
  • Anniek de Ruijter, 'EU External Health Security Policy and Law', ACELG WP 2018-02,  SSRN
  • Nik de Boer, 'The False Promise of Constitutional Pluralism', ACELG WP 2018-03, SSRN


  • Christina Eckes & Ramses A. Wessel, 'The European Union from an International Perspective: Sovereignty, Statehood, and Special Treatment', ACELG WP 2017-01, SSRN
  • Maria Weimer, Kati Cseres & Christina Eckes (eds) with Roger Brownsword, Geert van Calster, Kathleen Garnett, Leonie Reins, Ariel Ezrachi, Maurice E. Stucke, Tamara K. Hervey, Orla Lynskey and Indra Spiecker genannt Döhmann, 'The Rule of Law in the Technological Age. Challenges and Opportunities for the European Union', WP 2017-02, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'Integrated Rights Protection in the European and International Context', WP 2017-03, SSRN
  • Laurens Ankersmit, 'Judging International Dispute Settlement: From the Investment Court System to the Aarhus Convention's Compliance Committee' WP 2017-04,  SSRN


  • Leonard Besselink, 'The Bite, the Bark and the Howl: Article 7 TEU and the Rule of Law Initiatives', ACELG WP 2016-01, SSRN
  • Maria Weimer & Gaia Pisani, 'Expertise as Justification: The Contested Legitimation of the EU ‘Risk Administration’, ACELG WP 2016-02, SSRN
  • Maarten den Heijer & Katja Swider, 'Why Union Law Can and Should Protect Stateless Persons', ACELG WP 2016-03, SSRN
  • Maria Weimer, 'Reconciling Regulatory Space with External Accountability through WTO Adjudication – Trade, Environment and Development', ACELG WP 2016-04, SSRN
  • Annette Schrauwen, Christina Eckes, Maria Weimer (eds), Jean-François Durieux, Sandra Mantu, Paul Minderhoud, Eleanor Spaventa, Bart Vanhercke & Jonathan Zeitlin, 'Inclusion and Exclusion in the European Union - Collected Papers', ACELG WP 2016-05, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'Protecting Fundamental Rights in the EU’s Compound Legal Order. Mutual Trust against Better Judgment?', ACELG WP 2016-06, SSRN


  • René Smits, 'The Crisis Response in Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union: overview of legal developments', ACELG WP 2015-01, SSRN
  • Vigjilenca Abazi & Eljalill Tauschinsky, ' Public Access to Information in the EU. The Role of Control and Trust', ACELG WP 2015-02, SSRN
  • Anna Butenko & Kati Cseres, 'The Regulatory Consumer. Prosumer-Driven Local Energy Production Initiatives', ACELG WP 2015-03, SSRN


  • M. Hillebrandt, 'Two conceptions of democracy in the Council of the EU: narrow and broad', ACELG WP 2014-01, SSRN
  • Elaine Fahey, 'The EU’s Cybercrime and Cyber-Security Rule-Making: Mapping the Internal and External Dimensions of Security', ACELG WP 2014-02, SSRN
  • Maria Weimer, 'Risk regulation, GMOs, and the challenges to deliberation in EU governance - politicization and scientification as co-producing trends', ACELG WP 2014-03, SSRN
  • Katja Swider, 'Statelessness Determination in the Netherlands', ACELG WP 2014-04, SSRN
  • Katja Swider, 'Protection and Identification of Stateless Persons through EU Law', ACELG WP 2014-05, SSRN
  • Catherine Brölmann & Thomas Vandamme (eds.) 'Secession within the Union. Intersection Points of International and European Law', ACELG WP 2014-06, SSRN 
  • Christina Eckes, 'The Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Rest: A Difference in Nature?', ACELG WP 2014-07, SSRN


  • Kati Cseres, 'Integrate or Separate. Institutional Design for the Enforcement of Competition Law and Consumer Law', ACELG WP 2013-01, SSRN
  • Kati Cseres, 'Questions of Legitimacy in the Europeanization of Competition Law Procedures of the EU Member States', ACELG WP 2013-02, SSRN
  • Thomas Vandamme, 'Still the Committee of 'Legislative Regions'? On Heterogeneity, Representation and Functionality of the Committee of the Regions after 2004', ACELG WP 2013-03, SSRN
  • Vigjilenca Abazi, 'Unveiling the Power over Europol’s Secrets', ACELG WP 2013-04, SSRN
  • Saskia Lavrijssen, 'Opportunities in EU Case Law for Achieving Dutch Sustainable Energy Target.  It's up to the Netherlands to seize them', ACELG WP 2013-05, SSRN
  • Elaine Fahey & Samo Bardutzky, 'Judicial Review of Eurozone Law: The Adjudication of Postnational Norms in the EU Courts, Plural. A Casestudy of the European Stability Mechanism', ACELG WP 2013-06, SSRN
  • Kati Cseres, 'Accession to the EU’s Competition Law Regime. A Law and Governance Approach', ACELG WP 2013-07, SSRN
  • Alex Crespo van de Kooij & Saskia Lavrijssen, 'A Legal Assessment of the Exemption of Electricity Producers from Transport Tariffs under EU Law', ACELG WP 2013-08, SSRN
  • Deirdre Curtin, 'The Challenge of Executive Dominance in European Democracy', ACELG WP 2013-09, SSRN


  • Elaine Fahey, 'Reviewing High Politics. A Methodology for the Justiciability of EU-US Legal Relations', ACELG WP 2012-01, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'Decision-making in the Dark? Autonomous EU Sanctions and National Classification', ACELG WP 2012-02, SSRN
  • Kati Cseres & Annette Schrauwen, 'Empowering Consumer-citizens. Changing Rights or Merely Discourse?', ACELG WP 2012-03, SSRN
  • Maarten Hillebrandt, Deirdre Curtin & Albert Meijer, 'Transparency in the Council of Ministers of the EU. An Institutional Approach', ACELG WP 2012-04, SSRN


  • Michael Frese, 'The Development of General Principles for EU Competition Law Enforcement', ACELG WP 2011-01, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'Controlling the Most Dangerous Branch at Bay:  Multilayered Counter-Terrorist Policies and the European Judiciary', ACELG WP 2011-02, SSRN
  • Madalina Busuioc & Martijn Groenleer, 'Beyond Design - The Evolution of Europol and Eurojust', ACELG WP 2011-03, SSRN
  • Madalina Busuioc, 'European Agencies and Their Boards: Too Much Board, Too Little Monitoring', ACELG WP 2011-04, SSRN
  • Thomas Vandamme, 'From Federated Federalism to Harmonized Federalism? The Case of EU Subsidiarity Scrutiny in Spain and Belgium', ACELG WP 2011-05, SSRN
  • Deirdre Curtin & Linda Senden, 'Public Accountability of Transnational Private Regulation: Chimera or Reality?', ACELG WP 2011-06, SSRN
  • Annette Schrauwen, 'Access to and Portability of Student Grants and Loans - Where targets meet free movement law', ACELG WP 2011-07, SSRN
  • Catharina Koops, 'EU Compliance Mechanisms: The Interaction Between the Infringement Procedures, IMS, SOLVIT and EU-Pilot', ACELG WP 2011-08, SSRN
  • Dennis-Jonathan Mann & Kai P. Purnhagen, 'The Nature of Union Citizenship between Autonomy and Dependency on (Member) State Citizenship. A Comparative Analysis of the Rottmann Ruling, or: How to Avoid a European Dred Scott Decision?', ACELG WP 2011-09, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'EU Autonomy and Decisions of (Quasi-)Judicial Bodies: How Much Differentness is Needed?', ACELG WP 2011-10, SSRN


  • Christina Eckes, 'The Legal Framework of the European Union's Counter-Terrorist Policies: Full of Good Intentions?', ACELG WP 2010-01, SSRN
  • Deirdre Curtin & Ige Dekker, 'The European Union from Maastricht to Lisbon. Institutional and Legal Unity out of the Shadows', ACELG WP 2010 -02, SSRN
  • Mark Bovens, Deirdre Curtin & Paul 't Hart, 'Towards a More Accountable EU: Retrospective and Roadmap', ACELG WP 2010-04, SSRN
  • Anniek de Ruijter, 'The Constitutional Implications of European Public Health Policy:A Study of the EU Response to the Influenza H1N1 Pandemic', ACELG WP 2010-05, PDF