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Results: 21 - 40 of 199
Results: 21 - 40 of 199
  • Vacancy Management & Communications assistant
    17 Jul 2020
    ACELG and ACIL are looking for a versatile and enthusiastic individual who combines a knack for internal and external communication with a structured working style and eye for detail. You are self-guided and show ...
  • Valentina Carraro (VU Amsterdam)
    Fight against torture and other forms of violence
    17 Jul 2020
    Valentina Carraro (VU Amsterdam) joined ACELG and ACIL as a visiting researcher in April 2020. Her research is highly interdisciplinary, combining international law and international relations. Her research interests ...
  • Amanda Mauri
    Market governance with significant health consequences
    14 Jul 2020
    Amanda Mauri (University of Michigan) will be joining ACELG during the 2020-21 academic year as a visiting researcher. Her research explores market governance with significant health consequences. Specifically, she ...
  • Tiziana Melchiore
    European Law in the Arctic
    14 Jul 2020
    In September 2020, Tiziana Melchiorre will join the Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) as a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow. She will develop a research project titled ‘The European Union in the Arctic.’ ...
  • Piotr Krajewski
    Interinstitutional power dynamics in EU trade policy
    14 Jul 2020
    Piotr Krajewski will start his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in September 2020 as one of the researchers within the project “Separation of Powers for 21st Century Europe” (SepaRope). SepaRope aims to examine the ...
  • Ivana Isailović
    The interplay between economic globalization, law, and gender inequalities
    14 Jul 2020
    Starting in August 2020, Ivana Isailović will be joining ACELG as assistant professor of EU law. She will coordinate the 'Principles and Foundations of EU Law' course for master students, and will be teaching in ...
  • Bronwen Morgan (UNSW Law)
    Locally embedded, internationally energised
    16 Jun 2020
    In conversation Bronwen Morgan (UNSW Sydney) tells us about her passion for socio-legal research and developing new legal forms for economic transactions, human needs vs human rights, the importance of experiments of ...
  • Four student in the UvA team
    UvA team in HSF Competition Law Moot Court
    11 Jun 2020
    Despite extraordinary circumstances, the UvA team was ranked eighth out of 30 teams in the first round of the Herbert Smith Freehills Competition Law Moot Court Competition.
  • René Smits is Lecturer of the Year
    2 Jun 2020
    René Smits (Lecturer of the Law of the Economic and Monetary Union) has been chosen by students of the Amsterdam Law School as Lecturer of the Year 2020. ‘A very gratifying conclusion of my professorship three months ...
  • (closed) PhD & Postdoc vanacies Separation of Powers for 21st Century Europe project
    28 May 2020
    Both vacancies are closed /\/\/\/\ ACELG is looking for a Postdoc and a PhD researcher to join the new 'Separation of Powers for 21st Century Europe' project, which it is currently starting up together with its ...
  • Accountability of Single Supervisory Mechanism and Single Resolution Board in the European Banking Union
    26 May 2020
    In an in-depth analysis requested by the European Parliament Think Tank, Jonathan Zeitlin and Filipe Brito Bastos have given a range of recommendations on establishing effective accountability of the Single ...
  • Covid-19 lab testing
    The Role and Rule of Law in Pandemics
    25 May 2020
    (Last update: 20 July 2020) /\/\/\/\ Perhaps not always visible to or tangible for the general public, national, European and international law plays an important role in dealing with public health crises such as ...
  • (closed) Vacancy junior lecturer International and European Public Law
    28 Apr 2020
    This vacancy is now closed /\/\/\/\ ACELG and ACIL are looking for a junior lecturer to teach in the fields of International and European Public Law. Candidates need to have a master's degree in International ...
  • To watch: 'From diversity to coordination - A European approach to Covid19'
    28 Apr 2020
    If you missed the ACLE-ACELG seminar 'From diversity to coordination - A European approach to Covid19,' you can now watch a recording of the session on YouTube.
  • Separation of powers for 21st century Europe
    20 Apr 2020
    The ‘Separation of powers for 21st century Europe (SepaRope)’ has been awarded with a grant by the Norface Network, as part of the ‘NORFACE Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age programme.’ SepaRope is a joint ...
  • In memoriam Daniela Obradovic
    8 Apr 2020
    With great sadness we learned of the passing away of Daniela Obradovic in the night of 2 to 3 April 2020. Daniela was affiliated with the Amsterdam Law School for more than twenty years. At the end of the 1990s ...
  • Economics of Care: from rubric to lived experience
    7 Apr 2020
    After her public lecture and participation in the conference on 'Epistemologies of Care - Rethinking Global Political Economy,' Nancy Folbre (University of Massachusetts Amherst) speaks to us about 'being born again' ...
  • (closed) Vacancy Assistant Professor Sustainable Global Economic Law (European Law)
    30 Mar 2020
    This vacancy is closed /\/\/\ We are looking for an inspired, innovative assistant professor to engage in cross-cutting research within the law school’s research project on 'Sustainable Global Economic Law (SGEL)', ...
  • Photo by Arun Anoop on Unsplash (edited)
    UvA European Law students support court case on ‘rigged’ cigarettes
    26 Mar 2020
    UvA/ACELG European Law students supported Dutch public interest litigation lawyer Phon van den Biesen with legal advice in support of a court case regarding the legality of toxicity tests of 'rigged' cigarettes. The ...
  • An interdisciplinary approach to EU Health Law and Policy
    24 Mar 2020
    ACELG visiting researcher Mary Guy (Lancaster University) speaks to us about her transition from language to law, her interest in EU competition law and health law and how this led to her interdisciplanary research ...