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Results: 121 - 130 of 130
Results: 121 - 130 of 130
  • De verblijfsrechtelijke consequenties van de Wet Inburgering
    28 Jan 2015 14:00 - 17:00 Symposium
    Since 2010, immigrants who fail to pass the Dutch immigration exam face consequences for their residential status. Betty de Hart, Professor of Migration Law at the ACELG, presents the results of a research project ...
  • Anniek de Ruijter
    A Silent Revolution: The Expansion of EU Power in the Field of Human Health
    16 Jan 2015 12:00 Event
    On 16 January 2015, Anniek de Ruijter defends her doctoral thesis entitled 'A Silent Revolution: The Expansion of EU Power in the Field of Human Health. A rights-based analysis fo EU health law & policy'. The event ...
  • Transnational Standards in the Domestic Legal Order: Authority and Legitimacy
    24 Oct 2014 09:00 - 17:45 Workshop
    The workshop explores the evolving interactions between transnational standards and the domestic legal order from the perspectives of authority and legitimacy. Attendance is free of charge.
  • Methodological Approaches to Legitimacy in EU Legal Research
    9 Oct 2014 14:00 - 16:00 Workshop
    Peter Lindseth, author of 'Power and Legitimacy. Reconciling Europe and the Nation-State' (OUP, 2010) will discuss the participants’ individual research projects focusing on methodological approaches to legitimacy ...
  • 50 Years Costa/ENEL - Settling the Supremacy of European Law?
    26 Jun 2014 09:30 - 17:45 Symposium
    50 years ago the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave judgment in the seminal Costa/ENEL case. In this colloquium, the actual impact of the judgment will be discussed in an exchange between historians and lawyers. ...
  • The Actors of Postnational Rulemaking and their Legitimacy
    6 Jun 2014 08:30 - 17:00 Workshop
    The conceptualisation of “actors” engaging in rule-making is central to theorising power, autonomy, influence and legitimacy, in particular in the case of rule-making beyond the Nation State. This workshop aims to ...
  • Secession within the Union
    23 May 2014 13:00 - 17:30 Workshop
    As recent political developments show, secession of federated states, countries or regions of EU Member States is a real possibility. In the absence of formal rules in EU law on secession and membership, a legal ...
  • Checking and Balancing Law-making Beyond the State
    20 Mar 2014 - 21 Mar 2014 13:00 - 16:03 Workshop
    Courts and administrations on different levels of governance make gradually larger parts of European and international law. They frequently step in where alternatives fail. The thought of limiting and legitimizing ...
  • PhD defence ceremony Catharina Koops
    13 Mar 2014 10:00 Event
    On 13 March 2014, Catharina Koops will defend her doctoral thesis entitled ' Contemplating Compliance: European Compliance Mechanisms in International Perspective'. Catharina Koops is a member of ACELG as well as of ...
  • Outside-In: Tracing the Imprint of the European Union’s External Actions on Its Constitutional Landscape
    15 Jun 2012 09:00 - 18:00 Conference
    The EU’s external actions are increasing both in quantity and in quality. They appear to strengthen European integration; yet, in reality they might shake the very foundations on which the European project is built. ...