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Andrew Woodhouse is a lecturer and Director of the Liverpool Public Law Unit at the University of Liverpool and since February, a visiting researcher at ACELG. He is currently researching EU climate law using Marxist and critical approaches to the law, with a particular focus on political economy. Whilst at ACELG, Andrew is working on a paper entitled “Climate Rent and the depoliticisation of Decarbonisation: A Marxist Critique of the EU Emissions Trading System”.

The paper explores Marxist theories of rent to critique the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).  It argues that, while the climate crisis raises profound political questions about the future of economic production, emissions trading submits key decisions to the abstract power of capital and the market. Instead, the crisis could be used as an opportunity to bring economic production with democratic control so that it can be socially steered towards ecologically sound ends.

Andrew's research builds on the work he did during his PhD, which explored the topic of national parliaments and the relationship between law and politics in the European Union. This research resulted in publications in the Common Market Law Review, and the European Law Review.