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Christian’s research focuses on EU citizenship and the EU legal framework governing CBI in EU Member States. The study explores the relationship between nationality policymaking in EU Member States and EU citizenship, from both a doctrinal and normative perspective. In particular, the study seeks to inform, through the lens of CBI in EU Member States, what EU law governing nationality in EU Member States ought to look like.

Before starting his PhD at the EUI, Christian was a graduate in a Danish law firm, Law Firm Poul Schmith, and taught EU constitutional law at the University of Copenhagen. His main research interests are EU constitutional law, EU citizenship, political theory, and citizenship studies. He holds an LLM from the European University Institute, a master’s degree in law from the University of Copenhagen, and a bachelor’s degree in law also from the University of Copenhagen.

During his stay, Christian will be working on his thesis, and particularly on how we ought to govern citizenship policy in the European constitutional order.