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Martin Westlund is a PhD student in EU law at University of Gothenburg and is visiting ACELG from January to late May 2022. He studies separation of powers in EU migration case law.

Martin has been teaching EU law and migration law at University of Gothenburg and before starting his PhD, he worked as a case officer at the Swedish Migration Agency and studied law at Uppsala University.

He is a member of the research project Separation of Powers for 21st Century Europe (SepaRope). SepaRope is a joint project by ACELG at the University of Amsterdam, The Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights at University of Helsinki and University of Gothenburg.

His research includes empirical studies and legal analysis on the role of the European Court of Justice in migration from a separation of powers perspective. The study explores how the Court exercises control in relation to other branches of power and identifies instances of judicial law making. It offers a new outlook at the decisions by the Court of Justice in migration and shows how the Court acts in relation to separation of powers.

During his stay at University of Amsterdam, Martin will continue working on an empirical study on the EU migration case law.