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Giacomo Tagiuri joined ACELG in August 2021 as an assistant professor in European Law. He specializes in EU economic law, which he approaches from an interdisciplinary perspective; drawing on economic sociology, political economy, and history to understand doctrinal developments in the law. At Amsterdam Law School, Giacomo will be teaching in various areas of EU law, including competition law. He will also be part of the SGEL (Sustainable Global Economic Law) project.

Giacomo Tagiuri

Giacomo is particularly interested in the cultural dimension of economic activity, such as the meanings of consumption in our lives and how it shapes our personal identities. He wants to understand if and how law is responsive to these concerns. At ACELG, Giacomo will be completing his book manuscript titled “Regulating European Economic Lives: Culture, Markets, and the Law of EU Integration,” which explores the effects of EU economic law on culturally valued market arrangements in the member states.

Furthermore, he will develop a new research agenda on the regulation of the digital economy, studying how certain market transformations such as online shopping and price personalization challenge conventional understandings of market liberalism and with what implications for legal regulation. 

Prior to joining Amsterdam Law School, Giacomo held postdoctoral fellowships at New York University (Emile Noël Fellow), the European University Institute (Max Weber Programme), and the Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University. His PhD in Legal Studies from Bocconi University in Milan (2018) followed degrees at the University of Bologna (Law) and the Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) (European Studies).