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Pramiti Parwani has joined ACELG as a PhD candidate associated with the INDIGO project on development of new influenza vaccines. Her PhD will focus on vitalising EU-India legal relations with a view to improve access to vaccines. Pramiti is also a part of the new Law Centre for Health and Life Sciences in the Public Law Department.

Pramiti Parwani

During the PhD, Pramiti will examine the various obstacles to access to vaccines, taking into account the entire vaccine life-cycle, from research and development to manufacturing to procurement and distribution. Her research will focus on one such obstacle in particular, namely the impact of intellectual property (IP) rights in international trade agreements on access to vaccines, particularly as seen in the background of existing power asymmetries between different stakeholders.

To this end, she will examine provisions in the TRIPS Agreement as well as TRIPS-plus standards in free trade agreements, especially those signed by the European Union. This will also involve a study of how these IP provisions interact with EU law as well as international  health obligations.

Pramiti intends to incorporate Third-World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) into her project, examining the effect of pharmaceutical lobby on international trade agreements as well as the power asymmetries between the Global North and the Global South, and how they ultimately play out in ensuring access to vaccines, particularly for the populations in the Global South.

Pramiti has a background in international trade law, and focuses on the interplay between trade, intellectual property law and public health. Prior to this, Pramiti completed her undergraduate law studies from WBNUJS, Kolkata in India. After that she pursued an LL.M. in international law at Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.