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Amanda Mauri (University of Michigan) will be joining ACELG during the 2020-21 academic year as a visiting researcher. Her research explores market governance with significant health consequences. Specifically, she studies how political actors use their regulatory powers within multilevel governance systems to control the size and structure of coexisting legal and illegal markets.

Amanda Mauri
Amanda Mauri (University of Michigan)

At ACELG, she will be conducting a comparative project exploring how social policy in the European Union and the United States develops in response to market concerns related to public health, criminal justice, and financial outcomes.

Her recent work focuses on firearm regulation, opioid misuse prevention, and marijuana liberalization, and has been accepted for publication in the Milbank Quarterly, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and Health Affairs.

Amanda is a PhD student in Political Science and Health Policy at the University of Michigan. She received her Masters in Public Health and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Amanda was selected as a Fulbright alternate for the 2020-21 academic year.

Before attending the University of Michigan, Amanda was the senior researcher on Patrick Kennedy’s book A Common Struggle and worked as a policy analyst for the Kennedy Forum on behavioral health parity and insurance design.