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Piotr Krajewski will start his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in September 2020 as one of the researchers within the project “Separation of Powers for 21st Century Europe” (SepaRope). SepaRope aims to examine the theory and practice of separation of powers in the present-day European Union.

Piotr Krajewski
Piotr Krajewski

Piotr’s research focuses on the process of negotiation, conclusion, and implementation of mixed trade agreements within the EU in the context of the interinstitutional balance of power. More specifically, Piotr will analyse the power dynamics beneath the institutional structure related to EU commercial policy, paying close attention to the competences of the EU executive and the efficiency of the corresponding democratic scrutiny.

Piotr studied Philosophy (BA) and Law (Master’s degree) at the University of Warsaw. Subsequently, he completed an LL.M. programme (Master in European Law) at the College of Europe in Bruges, focusing in his studies on the competence constellation in the EU and the EU trade and external relations law. Piotr was also a trainee at the Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Department of International Law) as well as in the European Commission Representation Office in Warsaw.

While at the University of Warsaw, he co-founded a local chapter of the European Horizons, a student-led international think-tank dedicated to issues of European affairs and transatlantic cooperation. In 2017, Piotr received the Rowny-Paderewski Scholarship which enabled him to spend a summer in Washington, D.C., where he completed a summer school dedicated to topics of political economy and international affairs at the George Mason University.