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As of 15 September Dr Laurens Ankersmit is assistant professor in EU law at the University of Amsterdam. His research interest is the impact of international and European economic law on environmental protection. Currently, he is researching the constitutional limits to investor-state dispute settlement under EU law and the broader impact of investor-state dispute settlement on the rule of law and environmental democracy in Europe and beyond. In 2017 he published the monograph Green Trade and Fair Trade in and with the EU: Process-based Measures within the EU Legal Order (Cambridge University Press). The monograph is about extraterritorial environmental and social protection under the EU internal market rules. Laurens holds a Ph.D. in EU law from VU University Amsterdam (2015). He has taught EU external relations law and EU law at the Brussels School of International Studies of the University of Kent and at VU University Amsterdam. He previously worked at ClientEarth, an environmental law organisation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and in private practice in Brussels. Laurens studied at the University of Groningen and at the College of Europe in Bruges (2008-2009). Competing Courts: the global environmental protection implications of the exclusive jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice The European Union has the ambition to be a global leader in environmental policy. However, the EU’s European Court of Justice may influence the EU’s ambition because its extensive and exclusive jurisdiction might constrain the EU’s ability to promote international compliance regimes. This research project examines these constraints, their constitutional, political and social causes, and provides solutions for a judicial pathway to global environmental leadership.