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ACELG Working Papers

The following Working Papers have been published in the ACELG Working Papers Series


  • Christina Eckes & Ramses A. Wessel, The European Union from an International Perspective: Sovereignty, Statehood, and Special Treatment, ACELG WP 2017-01, SSRN


  • Leonard Besselink, 'The Bite, the Bark and the Howl: Article 7 TEU and the Rule of Law Initiatives', ACELG WP 2016-01, SSRN
  • Maria Weimer & Gaia Pisani, 'Expertise as Justification: The Contested Legitimation of the EU ‘Risk Administration’, ACELG WP 2016-02, SSRN
  • Maarten den Heijer & Katja Swider, 'Why Union Law Can and Should Protect Stateless Persons', ACELG WP 2016-03, SSRN
  • Maria Weimer, 'Reconciling Regulatory Space with External Accountability through WTO Adjudication – Trade, Environment and Development', ACELG WP 2016-04, SSRN
  • Annette Schrauwen, Christina Eckes, Maria Weimer (eds), Jean-François Durieux, Sandra Mantu, Paul Minderhoud, Eleanor Spaventa, Bart Vanhercke & Jonathan Zeitlin, 'Inclusion and Exclusion in the European Union - Collected Papers', ACELG WP 2016-05, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'Protecting Fundamental Rights in the EU’s Compound Legal Order. Mutual Trust against Better Judgment?', ACELG WP 2016-06, SSRN


  • René Smits, 'The Crisis Response in Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union: overview of legal developments', ACELG WP 2015-01, SSRN
  • Vigjilenca Abazi & Eljalill Tauschinsky, ' Public Access to Information in the EU. The Role of Control and Trust', ACELG WP 2015-02, SSRN
  • Anna Butenko & Kati Cseres, 'The Regulatory Consumer. Prosumer-Driven Local Energy Production Initiatives', ACELG WP 2015-03, SSRN


  • M. Hillebrandt, 'Two conceptions of democracy in the Council of the EU: narrow and broad', ACELG WP 2014-01, SSRN
  • Elaine Fahey, 'The EU’s Cybercrime and Cyber-Security Rule-Making: Mapping the Internal and External Dimensions of Security', ACELG WP 2014-02, SSRN
  • Maria Weimer, 'Risk regulation, GMOs, and the challenges to deliberation in EU governance - politicization and scientification as co-producing trends', ACELG WP 2014-03, SSRN
  • Katja Swider, 'Statelessness Determination in the Netherlands', ACELG WP 2014-04, SSRN
  • Katja Swider, 'Protection and Identification of Stateless Persons through EU Law', ACELG WP 2014-05, SSRN
  • Catherine Brölmann & Thomas Vandamme (eds.) 'Secession within the Union. Intersection Points of International and European Law', ACELG WP 2014-06, SSRN 
  • Christina Eckes, 'The Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Rest: A Difference in Nature?', ACELG WP 2014-07, SSRN


  • Kati Cseres, 'Integrate or Separate. Institutional Design for the Enforcement of Competition Law and Consumer Law', ACELG WP 2013-01, SSRN
  • Kati Cseres, 'Questions of Legitimacy in the Europeanization of Competition Law Procedures of the EU Member States', ACELG WP 2013-02, SSRN
  • Thomas Vandamme, 'Still the Committee of 'Legislative Regions'? On Heterogeneity, Representation and Functionality of the Committee of the Regions after 2004', ACELG WP 2013-03, SSRN
  • Vigjilenca Abazi, 'Unveiling the Power over Europol’s Secrets', ACELG WP 2013-04, SSRN
  • Saskia Lavrijssen, 'Opportunities in EU Case Law for Achieving Dutch Sustainable Energy Target.  It's up to the Netherlands to seize them', ACELG WP 2013-05, SSRN
  • Elaine Fahey & Samo Bardutzky, 'Judicial Review of Eurozone Law: The Adjudication of Postnational Norms in the EU Courts, Plural. A Casestudy of the European Stability Mechanism', ACELG WP 2013-06, SSRN
  • Kati Cseres, 'Accession to the EU’s Competition Law Regime. A Law and Governance Approach', ACELG WP 2013-07, SSRN
  • Alex Crespo van de Kooij & Saskia Lavrijssen, 'A Legal Assessment of the Exemption of Electricity Producers from Transport Tariffs under EU Law', ACELG WP 2013-08, SSRN
  • Deirdre Curtin, 'The Challenge of Executive Dominance in European Democracy', ACELG WP 2013-09, SSRN


  • Elaine Fahey, 'Reviewing High Politics. A Methodology for the Justiciability of EU-US Legal Relations', ACELG WP 2012-01, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'Decision-making in the Dark? Autonomous EU Sanctions and National Classification', ACELG WP 2012-02, SSRN
  • Kati Cseres & Annette Schrauwen, 'Empowering Consumer-citizens. Changing Rights or Merely Discourse?', ACELG WP 2012-03, SSRN
  • Maarten Hillebrandt, Deirdre Curtin & Albert Meijer, 'Transparency in the Council of Ministers of the EU. An Institutional Approach', ACELG WP 2012-04, SSRN


  • Michael Frese, 'The Development of General Principles for EU Competition Law Enforcement', ACELG WP 2011-01, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'Controlling the Most Dangerous Branch at Bay:  Multilayered Counter-Terrorist Policies and the European Judiciary', ACELG WP 2011-02, SSRN
  • Madalina Busuioc & Martijn Groenleer, 'Beyond Design - The Evolution of Europol and Eurojust', ACELG WP 2011-03, SSRN
  • Madalina Busuioc, 'European Agencies and Their Boards: Too Much Board, Too Little Monitoring', ACELG WP 2011-04, SSRN
  • Thomas Vandamme, 'From Federated Federalism to Harmonized Federalism? The Case of EU Subsidiarity Scrutiny in Spain and Belgium', ACELG WP 2011-05, SSRN
  • Deirdre Curtin & Linda Senden, 'Public Accountability of Transnational Private Regulation: Chimera or Reality?', ACELG WP 2011-06, SSRN
  • Annette Schrauwen, 'Access to and Portability of Student Grants and Loans - Where targets meet free movement law', ACELG WP 2011-07, SSRN
  • Catharina Koops, 'EU Compliance Mechanisms: The Interaction Between the Infringement Procedures, IMS, SOLVIT and EU-Pilot', ACELG WP 2011-08, SSRN
  • Dennis-Jonathan Mann & Kai P. Purnhagen, 'The Nature of Union Citizenship between Autonomy and Dependency on (Member) State Citizenship. A Comparative Analysis of the Rottmann Ruling, or: How to Avoid a European Dred Scott Decision?', ACELG WP 2011-09, SSRN
  • Christina Eckes, 'EU Autonomy and Decisions of (Quasi-)Judicial Bodies: How Much Differentness is Needed?', ACELG WP 2011-10, SSRN


  • Christina Eckes, 'The Legal Framework of the European Union's Counter-Terrorist Policies: Full of Good Intentions?', ACELG WP 2010-01, SSRN
  • Deirdre Curtin & Ige Dekker, 'The European Union from Maastricht to Lisbon. Institutional and Legal Unity out of the Shadows', ACELG WP 2010 -02, SSRN
  • Mark Bovens, Deirdre Curtin & Paul 't Hart, 'Towards a More Accountable EU: Retrospective and Roadmap', ACELG WP 2010-04, SSRN
  • Anniek de Ruijter, 'The Constitutional Implications of European Public Health Policy:A Study of the EU Response to the Influenza H1N1 Pandemic', ACELG WP 2010-05, PDF

Published by  ACELG

29 June 2017