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Kicking off the SGEL conference on ‘Epistemologies of Care: Rethinking Global Political Economy,’ Nancy Folbre (University of Massachussetts Amherst) will give a lecture entitled ‘Accounting for Care.’ The conference will take place on 5 & 6 December 2019.

Detail Summary
Date 4 December 2019
Time 15:00 -17:00
Roeterseilandcampus - gebouw A


Accounting means something larger than simply entering assets and liabilities into a ledger. It is based, ultimately, on agreed-upon definitions of value. This lecture will ask and answer three related questions: How do economists think--or fail to think--about the value of care for others?  How does women's specialization in care provision penalize them economically? What are the similarities between  "social capital" that helps generate care and "natural capital" that generates unpriced ecological services? Answers to these questions invite consideration of time-use surveys that aim to quantify inputs into care provision, revealing both their contributions and their limitations.

The Speaker

Nancy Folbre is Professor Emerita of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research explores the interface between political economy and feminist theory, with a particular emphasis on the value of unpaid care work. In addition to numerous articles published in academic journals, she is the editor of For Love and Money: Care Work in the U.S. (Russell Sage, 2012), and the author of Greed, Lust, and Gender: A History of Economic Ideas (Oxford, 2009), Valuing Children: Rethinking the Economics of the Family (Harvard, 2008), and The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values (New Press, 2001). She has also written widely for a popular audience, including contributions to the New York Times Economix blog, The Nation, and the American Prospect. Her current writing on the political economy of care provision can be seen on her blog, Care Talk.


Attendance of this lecture is free of charge. Please register to attend.

Roeterseilandcampus - gebouw A

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam