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This summer school will bring together PhD candidates, advanced master students, and postdoctoral researchers (<3 years since PhD) with senior scholars from the fields of political science, law, sociology, and international relations to discuss key analytical issues and empirical research in progress on European and transnational rulemaking.

Event details of Summer School on European and Transnational Rulemaking
Start date 8 July 2019
End date 12 July 2019
Amsterdam Law Trials

For the purposes of this summer school, ‘rulemaking’ is defined broadly to encompass governance processes leading to the adoption of norms, rules, or standards intended to guide the conduct and behaviour of others, both formal and informal, organized through private or multi-stakeholder as well as public bodies. For the EU as an ever more active international actor, this includes EU rulemaking under international law. In the EU context, a wide variety of actors and fora are involved in such rulemaking: European agencies, networks of regulators, comitology committees, open methods of coordination, consultative fora, and operational cooperation among national officials, as well as private and/or hybrid public-private standard-setting and certification schemes. Issues to be considered will include: the organization and effectiveness of different types of rulemaking processes; their relationship to conventional forms of legislative and judicial oversight; the participation in their operation of different types of actors (national/European/transnational; public/private; business/civil society); the relationship between European and international rulemaking; and the normative legitimacy of rulemaking processes beyond the nation-state.

The summer school will be organized in two parts over five days. Each morning, a senior scholar will give a keynote presentation addressing a major issue in the study of European and transnational governance, to be followed by a general discussion. The afternoons will be devoted to presentations of work in progress by PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers, with discussion led by senior scholars. The summer school is co-organized by Jonathan Zeitlin, Distinguished Faculty Professor of Public Policy and Governance and Academic Director of the Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES), Christina Eckes, Professor of European Law and Director of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG), and Maria Weimer, Assistant Professor of European Law (ACELG). Other participating senior scholars will include: Terence Halliday, Co-Director, Centre on Law and Globalization, and Research Professor, American Bar Foundation; and Veerle Heyvaert, Associate Professor (Reader) in European Environmental Law, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Proposals are invited from PhD candidates, advanced masters students, and postdoctoral researchers interested in participating in this workshop.  The workshop is open to junior scholars within and beyond the EU. The organizers reimburse up to €500 for travel and accommodation costs for a maximum of 10 accepted participants from outside Amsterdam. Those who would like to be considered for reimbursement should state this in their application letter, and confirm that they are unable to raise sufficient funds from their home institution.

Closed for applications

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