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Secession within the Union

Intersection Points of International and European Law

An expert meeting organised by ACIL and ACELG on possible Scottish or Catalan secession has resulted in a collection of short think pieces that identify and outline a number of outstanding issues of both public international law and EU law.

ACELG secession within the union

With the referenda on possible Scottish and Catalan independence and the electoral successes of the Flemish pro-independence movement, secession of part of a EU Member State has become a real possibility that cannot be ignored any longer. The driving forces behind the referenda seek independence but they do not seek withdrawal from the Union. This is a scenario without precedent. An exploration of its legal and political aspects is therefore a timely matter. The Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL) and the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) has invited a number of experts from the disciplines of both public international law and European Union law to present their thoughts on key aspects of Secession within the Union.

Secession within the Union - Collected Think Pieces (integral version)

Individual thinkpieces can be downloaded here:

Catherine Brölmann and Thomas Vandamme: Secession within the Union - Intersection Points of International and European Law David Haljan: Mapping the Theme of Secession Pierre Schmitt: Member States, Aspiring States and the European Union Simone F van den Driest: Secession within the Union - Some Thoughts on the Viability of EU Membership Henri de Waele: Secession and Succession in the EU - Fuzzy Logic, Granular Outcomes? Paul Dermine: Succession and EU Treaty Obligations Paula Garcia Andrade: State Succession and EU Citizenship Annette Schrauwen: Secession and the Loss of Rights for EU Citizens (updated version 15 August 2014) Jan Willem Sap: The Frisians as an Indigenous Minority Group within a Unified Europe