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On 11 January 2019, the Asser Institute, in cooperation with the Amsterdam Centre for European Law (ACELG) and Governance and the Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL), hosted the book launch of "The Law of the European Union", a new and comprehensive manual of European law, published by Wolters Kluwer.

The Law of the European Union, 5th edition, book cover, published by WoltersKluwer

Moderated by Pieter Jan Kuijper (University of Amsterdam), the launch event included talks by

  • Bruno de Witte (University of Maastricht) on ‘The Structure and Evolution of Union Law’
  • Deirdre Curtin (ACELG & European University Institute) on ‘ The Political Institutions of the Union and their inter-relationships’
  • Fabian Amtenbrink (Erasmus University Rotterdam) on ‘The vast developments in the Economic and Monetary Union’
  • Christa Tobler (Leiden University and University of Basel) on ‘Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination in European Union Law’

The Book

According to the publisher , “The Law of the European Union is a complete reference work on all aspects of the law of the European Union, including the institutional framework, the Internal Market, Economic and Monetary Union and external policy and action. Completely revised and updated, with many newly written chapters, this fifth edition of the most thorough resource in its field provides the most comprehensive and systematic account available of the law of the European Union (EU). Written by a new team of experts in their respective areas of European law, its coverage incorporates and embraces many current, controversial, and emerging issues and provides detailed attention to historical development and legislative history of EU law. The book’s fifth edition embraces many new, ongoing, and emerging European legal issues. As in the previous editions, the presentation is notable for its attention to how the law relates to economic and political realities and how the various policy areas interact with each other and with the institutional framework.”

The book is a collaboration between forty-eight authors, all of whom are recognised academic specialists in, or experienced practitioners of European Union Law (and sometimes both). The book’s forty-one chapters make it an easily accessible tool for anyone who wants to be quickly informed about nearly any subject of Union law. Every chapter contains references to other important publications and cases on the subject matter.

The editors of The Law of the European Union are Pieter Jan Kuijper (University of Amsterdam), Fabian Amtenbrink (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Deirdre Curtin (University of Amsterdam & European University Institute),  Bruno De Witte (Maastricht University), Alison McDonnell (Leiden University), Stefaan Van den Bogaert (Leiden University).

ACELG contributions

The Law of the European Union includes chapters by seven ACELG researchers:

  • The Political Institutions, D.M. Curtin, P.J. Kuijper and R.H. van Ooik (Chapter 5)
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union: Supranational Adjudicator and Accountability Forum, Deirdre Curtin and Maria Weimer (Chapter 10)
  • Citizenship Of The Union, Annette Schrauwen (Chapter 16)
  • The Regional Dimension Of EU Law: Cohesion Policy and Geographical Differentiation, Thomas Vandamme (Chapter 33)
  • Consumer Protection in the EU, K.J. Cseres (Chapter 35)
  • An Introduction to Union External Action, its Scope, its Institutions and its Instruments, Pieter Jan Kuijper (Chapter 39)
  • The Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy, Pieter Jan Kuijper (Chapter 40)
  • Union External Action Under the TFEU, Pieter Jan Kuijper (Chapter 41)

More information about the book on the publisher's website.

See the event announcement on the Asser institute's website.