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ACELG is pleased to announce that Marta Morvillo, University of Bologna, has received a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship for a research project on ‘The Constitutional Place of Expertise’.

Photo of Marta Morvillo

Dr Marta Morvillo, who is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bologna, has obtained a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship with a research project that fits particularly well within ACELG's research agenda. CONPLEX aims at developing a constitutionally informed theory of expertise within the framework of the European Union. It attempts to answer the question how technical and democratic legitimacy can be reconciled in a supranational polity and explores the question from a constitutional standpoint, departing from constitutional principles such as participation, transparency and rational administrative decision-making.

Marta Morvillo will carry out this two-year project at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance from September 2018 onwards after finishing a Max Weber Fellowship at the European University Institute. At ACELG she is hosted by  Prof. Christina Eckes and Dr. Maria Weimer. Marta Morvillo's proposal has come about in close cooperation with ACELG and the grant support team of the Faculty of Law.