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With the elections for the Dutch Parliament less than a month away, members of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Government launch a website to check claims about the EU against the legal facts


After the Brexit vote, the Dutch “No” in the referendum on the Ukrainian Association Agreement and amidst increasing popularity of EU critical political parties, the position of the Netherlands within the  European Union has become one of the contested issues of the campaign for the elections on 15 March.

The EU legal experts of the newly launched website aim to provide legal information on the European Union. This should enable interested voters to properly assess claims about the EU made by political parties, other interest groups and the media. The experts also assess claims about issues such as the environment, the financial markets, consumer protection or the future of the agricultural sector in which the EU does play an important role without this being obvious to the voter.  

In the coming weeks, the authors of analyse the positions of the different Dutch political parties from an EU legal point of view: Are the party programs based on correct assumptions? Are the proposed measures compatible with EU law? How realistic are the claims made? These analyses will be complemented by background articles on overarching themes and by commentaries on EU-related news and election debates.