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As of 1 January 2017 Dominique Barnhoorn has started her PhD research at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance. Her PhD research will focus on the law and practice of EU law enforcement agencies (Europol and Eurojust) and their external relations.

Dominique Barnhoorn
Dominique Barnhoorn (private photo)

In her PhD project entitled Searching for Data: Law and Practices of EU Agencies in the AFSJ Dimension and their External Relations, Dominique will in particular investigate the sharing of personal data by specifically appointed third country officials (e.g. liaison officers) who are seconded to Europol or Eurojust to process personal data for law enforcement purposes in their home country. Her research is supervised by Prof. Deirdre Curtin and Prof. Christina Eckes.

Her motivation to embark on this project: 'The technological age has given society a large boost from multiple angles: economy, health, law enforcement etc.  Although much has been researched on data protection in the EU - and much has been improved in EU legislation - the access to and processing of EU citizens’ personal data third country authorities for criminal law purposes actually motivated me to look deeper into the substance of data sharing between EU agencies and their external relations. I think it is fascinating to investigate how the interaction between the actors involved (EU bodies, Member States’ and third country officials) genuinely works.'

Dominique obtained her LL.M. European Law at Leiden University in 2015, with a specialisation in EU constitutional law. In 2016, she finished a second master in Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law at Leiden University. Her thesis focused on the legal philosophical question whether EU institutions should have a positive obligation or duty to protect the fundamental right to privacy.