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Annette Schrauwen, head of the Department of Public International and European Law, has been appointed to the chair for European integration, in particular citizenship law and history. With this appointment, the Law Faculty recognizes Professor Schrauwen's expertise in that particular field and marks the growing importance and complexity of the subject of European Union citizenship within European Union law.

Annette Schrauwen was appointed assistant professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam in 1998 shortly after having acquired her doctoral degree at the Faculty of Humanities with a dissertation entitled Marché Intérieur - Recherches sur une notion. Since then she has built up a solid and substantial career in teaching, researching and academic management, which in 2012 culminated in an appointment to a personal chair in a field that has had her special interest for a long time.

In her research, Annette Schrauwen has probed into the conceptual development of the notion of citizenship in relation to European integration. Citizenship is historically seen as a combination of legal, political and social rights and duties of an individual towards the state as national polity. In particular within the context of the European integration, the exclusionary bond between national polity and national citizens is under challenge. In her research agenda, the newly appointed professor will explore inter alia the complexity of questions surrounding the (in-)equal treatment of national citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens, the possible conflicts thereof with human rights or social solidarity and the rights and duties attached to EU citizenship within the EU constitution(s).

With this appointment, ACELG substantially broadens its professorial base and looks forward to a new research line being developed within its research programme.