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Ph.D.scholar Michael Frese, member of ACELG and ACLE, wins the Young Writers Award 2011 of 'World Competition' for article on EU Competition Law

The June 2012 issue of World Competition meant a pleasant surprise for Michael Frese, Ph.D. scholar at ACELG and the Amsterdam Centre for Law and Economics. Michael has won the journal's Young Writers Award 2011 for his article entitled entitled Fines and Damages under EU Competition Law: Implications of the Accumulation of Liability (published in the September 2011 issue).

In the editor's own words: 'It was felt that the subject matter of this article is very topical and relates to the increased private enforcement of EU competition law in recent years. The article addresses the topic of accumulation of liability (fines and damages) in the EU, identifies the legal principles which are at risk if this accumulation is not properly addressed and, most notably, proposes a solution which EU competition authorities would be ill-advised not to consider to its full extent.'