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The 2016 ACELG Annual Conference will be preceded by a PhD Workshop, in which selected PhD students will be given the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss their research with their peers and leading academics working in the field covered by the topic of the annual conference: The Rule of Law in the Technological Age. The workshop is not open to the public.

Event details of PhD Workshop 'The Rule of Law in the Technological Age'
Date 3 November 2016
Time 14:30 -17:45


Technological innovations are crucial drivers of economic, social, and environmental progress. Law and regulation are expected to enable innovation while protecting society from unintended consequences, such as risks to public health and the environment, privacy, data protection and other protected interests. However, law is often considered either as an obstacle to innovations or as unable to protect society from their risks. While law’s inability to keep up with technological progress has been extensively discussed, the implications of technology for law remains under-examined. Both the ACELG annual conference and the PhD workshop will explore the ways in which technology transforms the very nature of law as an institution including its key concepts of the rule of law, legal certainty and rights protection. 

We invite papers in law and related disciplines on the conference’s theme, preferably addressing issues such as implications for judicial review, fundamental rights, law making, etc.

Workshop format and timeline

The format will be as follows: papers are circulated prior to the seminar; participants present for 15-20 minutes, followed by feedback from a senior academic and an open discussion.

  • Submission of abstracts: on 15 September 2016 at the latest
  • Decision on applications: 30 September 2016
  • Submission of papers: 26 October


Costs of travel and accommodation are in principle not reimbursed. However, in case candidates are experiencing problems with cost reimbursement from their institutions, exceptionally workshop grants can be awarded. 

How to apply

Please send a short abstract and your CV to Maria Weimer ( until 15th September 2016. The abstract should not exceed a maximum of 500 words and describes the research questions, originality of the topic, methods, and expected findings of the proposed paper. The papers will be selected on the basis that they fit thematically with the topic described and indicate scientific excellence.


Both the ACELG annual conference and PhD workshop will be convened by ACELG, and organized by its members Dr Christina Eckes, Dr Kati Cseres and Dr Maria Weimer.