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In this lecture, Gianluca Sgueo discusses the findings of his recently published book 'Beyond Networks - Interlocutory Coalitions, the European and Global Legal Orders', in which he explores the activism promoted by organized networks of civil society actors in opening up possibilities for more democratic supranational governance. Attendance is free, registration is requested.

Detail Summary
Date 14 June 2016
Time 12:30 -13:30
Room Faculty of Law, A 1.01
Organised by Dr Gianluca Sgueo, New York University Florence & Vesalius College Brussels
Beyond networks

This event is co-organized by the Amsterdam Center for International Law and the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance. 


In his book Sgueo examines the positive and negative impact that such networks of civil society actors – named “interlocutory coalitions” – may have on the convergence of principles of administrative governance across the European legal system and other supranational legal systems. The book takes two main controversial aspects into account: the first relates to the convergence between administrative rules pertaining to different supranational regulatory systems. The second controversial aspect considered in this book consists of the role of civil society actors operating at the supranational level.

The examination of the second aspect involves the exploration of the still little examined, but crucial, role of civil society organized networks in shaping global administrative law. These “interlocutory coalitions” include NGOs, think-tanks, foundations, universities, and occasionally activists with no formal connections to civil society organisations. The book describes such interlocutory coalitions as drivers of harmonized principles of participatory democracy at the European and global levels. However, interlocutory coalitions show a number of tensions (e.g. the governability of such coalitions, the competition among them) that may hamper the impact they have on the reconfiguration of individuals' rights, entitlements and responsibilities in the global arena.

The speaker

Gianluca Sgueo is Global Media Seminar Professor at the New York University Florence, where he teaches the course on “Media, Activism & Democracy”. He is adjunct professor at Vesalius College, in Brussels where he teaches the course “Global Advocacy” and Faculty Member of the Executive Master in European and International Business Law at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). He holds a PhD in Administrative and Public Law (University of Salento, Italy, 2010), LLM in European Public Law (European Public Law Academy, Greece, 2009) and he is affiliated as post-doc researcher to the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (Portugal).


Attendance is free of charge. For organizational reasons, please sign up for the meeting by sending an email to Angela Moisl,


Room Faculty of Law, A 1.01

Oudemanhuispoort 4-6
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