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ACELG's 7th Annual Conference focuses on the question of whether the EU’s powers should and could be contained without leading to disintegration of the European acquis.

Detail Summary
Date 10 November 2017
Time 09:00 - 16:15
Final programme (PDF, 9 pp)


Has European integration gone too far? Can it be contained without unravelling the whole Union? Can the EU back off without becoming dysfunctional or irrelevant?

The Union’s 60th birthday is overshadowed by Brexit negotiations and disenchantment with European integration is omnipresent. At 60, the EU’s primary task may therefore not be to continue its path towards “an ever closer union”, but rather to ask whether the extent of integration has become too intrusive and to see where the EU can and should do less.

This conference focuses on the question whether the EU’s powers should and could be contained and how existing discontent with the European project should and could be addressed – both without triggering disintegration of the European acquis.


To answer this question, the conference includes three sessions focusing each on a distinct European policy area that has given rise to particularly prominent concerns, i.e. EU Trade Policies, Monetary Union and EU Internal Market and Social Concerns. These sessions are:

  • Making the New Generation Trade Agreements Work For Rather Than Against the EU
  • The Future of EMU: Towards a Fiscal and Democratic Union
  • How Social Should the Internal Market Be?

Confirmed speakers

  • Dieter Grimm, former Justice of the German Federal Constitutional Court, Professor emeritus Humboldt University Berlin, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin - keynote speaker
  • Gareth Davies, Professor of European Law, VU University Amsterdam
  • Panos Delimatsis, Professor EU and International Trade Law, Tilburg University
  • Aukje van Hoek, Professor of Private Law, University of Amsterdam
  • René Repasi, European Research Centre for Economic and Financial Governance (EURO-CEFG) & Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Harm Schepel, Professor of Economic Law, University of Kent
  • Amy Verdun, Professor of Political Science, University of Victoria, Canada

Attendance and registration

Attendance is free of charge, but subject to registration. Registration has been closed on 2 November. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to and we will place you on a waiting list.

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