Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance

Applying for a Ph.D. position

Are you looking to pursue a PhD research project in European public law? Does your proposed research fit well with ACELG’s approach to research on European law? Read what is possible within ACELG.

Employment - we look for you

Provided there is funding, eg within an externally funded research project, ACELG offers the possibility to employ PhD researchers for a period of 3 to 4 years. PhD researchers enjoy all the benefits of an employment with the University of Amsterdam. Open PhD positions are advertised on the University’s vacancy site and, if applicable, on the ACELG homepage. 

What do I need to do?

Keep an eye on the UvA vacancy site and/or the ACELG home page.

External Phd researcher – you look for us

ACELG is open for applications by candidates who want to pursue their research as a self-funded external PhD candidate as long as the proposed research project falls squarely within ACELG’s research programme. Candidates are strongly advised to check the specializations of the ACELG full professors with a view to identifying their potential supervisor. The better the match with the ACELG research programme and the supervisor’s research interest the higher the chance of being accepted as an external PhD researcher.

What do I need to do?

  • Define your research project and check for matches with the ACELG research programme and the research interests of our professors
  • Send an application to, which contains a letter of motivation naming the potential supervisor, a CV and a 2 to 4-page outline (excluding your bibliography) of your research project. In the outline you define  your main research question, the topic and aim of your research and the proposed methodology.

What would happen next?

We will let you know if your potential supervisor is interested in further pursuing this research project with you. If this is the case

  • You will further work out your research project in cooperation with the supervisor
  • The project will be submitted to the Faculty of Law’s Science Committee for approval
  • Only after that, you can apply for admission to the University of Amsterdam’s Doctoral Programme 


If you have any further questions, please send an email to Désirée Blessing,

Published by  ACELG

18 December 2017