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Anniek de Ruijter is Assistant-Professor of European law at the University of Amsterdam. She is a research fellow at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) at the Faculty of Law of the UvA and an affiliated fellow of the Amsterdam Centre for Contemporary European Studies (ACCESS Europe).  Her research interests lie at the intersection of European Union law and health law and policy. In this respect she focuses on constitutional questions regarding the EU role in human health and risk regulation.

In 2017 she received the Veni award of The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research for a four-year research project on improving the EU constitutional order for responding to human health disasters such as pandemics or bioterrorist attacks.

In 2017 Anniek de Ruijter re-joined the University of Amsterdam. Previously she was an Assistant-Professor at the Maastricht University, Faculty of Law at the Maastricht Centre for European Law. Here she was working on a project on the Europeanisation of national courts. Before joining Maastricht University, Anniek de Ruijter completed her PhD at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law, under supervision of Professor Deirdre Curtin.

Anniek de Ruijter was a year-long Fulbright fellow to the United States. She holds an LLM (Masters in Law) from both Columbia University School of Law (NYC) and the University of Amsterdam. After her LLM degree she conducted research for one year as a visiting researcher at Columbia University, School of Law. She also was a research fellow during her PhD at the Ecole de Droit de la Sorbonne, Pantheon, Paris 1.

Anniek is member of the editorial board of the European Journal Risk Regulation with Cambridge University Press (2016) and she was editor on the Columbia Journal for European Law.


In 2015 the PhD thesis of Anniek de Ruijter received 'honorable mention for outstanding new academic work’ from the Dutch Association for Health Law. The thesis was reviewed for Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsrecht (TvG) by Professor Hendriks.  The thesis concerns a rights-based analysis of EU health law and policy and is entitled A Silent Revolution: The Expansion of EU Power in the Field of Human Health, and is forthcoming with Oxford University Press in 2017.

In the field of European risk regulation Anniek, together with Maria Weimer, has edited: Regulating Risks in the European Union - The Co-production of Expert and Executive Power. The book draws on insights from law, governance, political sciences and science and technology studies, bringing together leading scholars in this field.



  • Weimer, M., & de Ruijter, A. (in press). Regulating Risks in the EU – The Co-production of Expert and Executive Power. In M. Weimer, & A. de Ruijter (Eds.), Regulating Risks in the EU – : The Co-production of Expert and Executive Power Hart Publishing.
  • de Ruijter, A. (in press). Mixing EU Security and Public Health Expertise in the Health Threats Decision. In M. Weimer, & A. de Ruijter (Eds.), Regulating Risks in the EU – The Co-production of Expert and Executive Power Hart Publishing.
  • de Ruijter, A. (2017). Mapping the institutional consolidation of EU human health expertise. Comparative European Politics, 15(3), 370-393. DOI: 10.1057/cep.2016.5  [details] 
  • de Ruijter, A. (in press). The impediment of health laws’ values in the constitutional setting of the EU. In T. Hervey, & C. Young (Eds.), Research Handbook in European Union Health Law and Policy Edward Elgar Publishers.
  • de Ruijter, A. (in press). EU Health Law & Policy: The Expansion of EU Power in the Field of Human Health. (Oxford Studies in European Law). Oxford University Press.



  • de Ruijter, A., & Hervey, T. K. (2012). Healthcare and the Lisbon strategy. In P. Copeland, & D. Papadimitriou (Eds.), The EU's Lisbon strategy: evaluating success, understanding failure. (pp. 130-148). (Palgrave studies in European Union politics). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [details] 


  • de Ruijter, A. (2008). The Business of Health Care in the United States: What is Wrong with the Standard of Economic Efficiency? Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law, 10(1), 87-109. [details] 


  • de Ruijter, A. (2012). Patient autonomy in Europe. In J. Rutgers (Ed.), European contract law and the welfare state. (pp. 43-69). Groningen: Europa Law Publishing. [details] 


  • de Ruijter, A. (2015). Gelijke aanspraak op het recht op lichamelijke integriteit. Nederlands Juristenblad, 1658.


  • de Ruijter, A. (2011). [Review of: A.J. Obermaier (2009) The end of territoriality? The impact of ECJ rulings on British, German and French social policy]. Journal of European Social Policy, 21(3), 278-279. DOI: 10.1177/0958928711401702  [details] 


  • van Roemburg, E., & de Ruijter, A. (2009). It's the law! Feminisme aan de rechtenfaculteit. In M. de Boer, & M. Wijers (Eds.), Vrouw & recht: de beweging, de mensen, de issues (pp. 155-159). [Amsterdam]: Pallas Publications. [details] 

Media appearance

  • de Ruijter, Anniek (24-12-2014): BNR Nieuwsradio [Radio]. BNR Nieuwsradio.
  • de Ruijter, Anniek (14-01-2014): Nieuwsuur [Television] Hilversum, NOS. Nieuwsuur.
  • de Ruijter, Anniek (13-12-2013): Een Vandaag [Television]. Een Vandaag.
  • de Ruijter, Anniek (13-12-2013): NOS Journaal [Television]. NOS Journaal.

Book editor

  • Weimer, M., & de Ruijter, A. (Eds.) (in press). Regulating risks in the European Union. Hart Publishing.

Talk / presentation

  • de Ruijter, A. (invited speaker) (24-3-2015): The Expansion of EU Power in the Field of Human Health, Luncheon meeting, organized by the Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects and the Dutch Council for Public Health and Health Care, Dutch Ministry of Health.
  • de Ruijter, A. (invited speaker) & Busuioc, E.M. (invited speaker) (25-6-2013): Managing Health Crises At the EU Level and Ensuing Policy Change: The H1N1 Case, Council for European Studies: Crisis and Contingency: States of (In)stability, Amsterdam.
  • de Ruijter, A. (invited speaker) (4-9-2012): Coordination and Fragmentation: European Response to a Public Health Emergency., UACES Conference, Passau, Germany.
  • de Ruijter, A. (invited speaker) (9-2-2012): Recht, beleid en instituties: Hoe de rol van Europa in de zorg steeds groter wordt., Nederlandse Vereniging Europees Recht, STER meeting.
  • de Ruijter, A. (speaker) (5-10-2011): The constitutional framing of health care policy at the European level, ‘The Third European Conference on Health Law’, Early Career Researchers Workshop, Leuven, Belgium.
  • de Ruijter, A. (speaker) (7-9-2010): presentation, ESF exploratory Workshop: European Contract Law And The Welfare State, Amsterdam.
  • de Ruijter, A. (speaker) (6-5-2010): The Constitutional Role of European Health Policy. The Case of the Influenza A H1N1 Vaccine, New Frontiers of Pharmaceutical Law, University of Salento.


  • de Ruijter, A. (organiser), Weimer, M. (organiser) & Lee, M. (organiser) (21-5-2015 - 22-5-2015): Regulating Risks in the European Union (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • de Ruijter, A. (other) (2010 - 2015): Chair, Stichting Proefprocessenfonds Clara Wichmann (other).


  • de Ruijter, A. (2015). A silent revolution: the expansion of EU power in the field of human health: a rights-based analysis of EU health law & policy [details] 


  • de Ruijter, A. (2010). The Constitutional Implications of European Public Health Policy: A Study of the EU Response to the Influenza H1N1 Pandemic. (Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance working paper; No. 2010-05). Amsterdam: Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance, University of Amsterdam. [details] 
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  • Clara Wichmann Proefprocessenfonds
  • Vrouwen Klinieken EVAA (Vumc-AMC)
    Technisch Voorzitter Medische Adviesraad

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