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Ms D.C.M. (Dominique) Barnhoorn LLM

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    Dep. Public International Law and European Law
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    REC A
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Room number: E 2.04
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Research Profile

Dominique Barnhoorn is Ph.D. candidate at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG, UvA).

Supervisors: Prof. Deirdre Curtin (European University Institute, Florence) and Prof. Christina Eckes (director ACELG, UvA).

Key words: competing claims of jurisdiction, liaison officers, data protection.
My research focuses on the deployment of administrative agents (liaison officers) seconded from their home to a host administrative authority. Liaison officers have far-reaching administrative responsibilities and tasks such as the access to EU databases for policy implementation purposes in the field of police and judicial cooperation. These actions have a high impact on substantive and procedural rights of both EU citizens and third country nationals, while clear basic remedies against the actions of LOs are lacking in EU administrative law. In the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ), the intra-EU deployment and the deployment of liaison officers from, and to third country administrative authorities is based on a patchwork of rules. The competing claims of jurisdiction, together with the large and complex variety of legal bases, form the core legal problem: a non-conceptualized legal framework revolving around the secondment of liaison officers. The exercise of administrative practices without a clear body of rules is highly problematic: it undermines, amongst others, effective judicial protection; one of the fundamental principles in EU administrative law.

Summary statement

Specialist in European Law, particularly on competing claims of jurisdiction within the European Union. I have M.A. degrees in EU law and in Jurisprudence & Philosophy of law. Currently I am employed as Ph.D. candidate at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance, University of Amsterdam (ACELG) – since 2017.
Prior to my current Ph.D. position I worked as a research assistant to Professor Deirdre Curtin at the ACELG. That was in parallel to my second M.A. in Leiden - Jurisprudence and Philosophy of law. The work for Prof. Curtin had a focus on data protection, a topic that yet reflects my Ph.D. to some extent.
In 2015 I interned at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the EU law section, working on EU court cases for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and on research topics.
During my time at the Leiden Law School I attended summer courses in European law and politics in London (King’s College London, 2013) and in Berlin (Humboldt Universtität zu Berlin, 2014).


  • Barnhoorn, D. C. M. (Author). (2018). Bent u al klaar voor de AVG? De nieuwe gegevensbescherming in de EU. Web publication/site, .Retrieved from 

Scientific position

  • Barnhoorn, D. (2018-). Research school Ius Commune.


  • Barnhoorn, D. (participant) (23-11-2017). "From Justice and Home Affairs to Security Union - Europe's Silver Jubilee?", Florence, Italy. Conference workshop (doctoral and post-doctoral) at the European University Institute in Florence: "From Justice and Home Affairs to Security Union - (…) (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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