Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance

City of Amsterdam commissions research on British citizens after Brexit

20 December 2016

ACELG researcher Annette Schrauwen together with Tesseltje de Lange, researcher migration law, carry out a study into the situation of British citizens in Amsterdam after Brexit

The City of Amsterdam’s expat centre has commissioned ACELG researcher Annette de Schrauwen and Tesseltje de Lange, researcher in migration law at the Department of Constitutional Law, to write a report on possible pathways to guarantee the rights acquired under free movement rules for Britons living and working in Amsterdam. Unless agreement is reached between the UK and the EU Member States, British citizens living and working in Amsterdam (and elsewhere in the EU) risk losing rights with respect to residence, social security, equal treatment, and so on. The research aims to outline key issues and areas where transitional arrangements, stand-still clauses, or national law might offer a secure position to British citizens living and working in Amsterdam.

Published by  ACELG