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Norms and normativity

Prof. Antje Wiener, University of Hamburg

27Oct2015 16:00 - 18:00


On 27 October, Professor Antje Wiener will speak on contestation in international relations, a subject well documented in her book 'A Theory of Contestation'. The lecture is organized by ACELG in cooperation with ACCESS EUROPE. Attendance is free, registration is requested.


Motivating for Antje Wiener's theory of contestation is the increasingly wide use of the term in international relations research during the past decade, but especially the increasing vagueness of its definition. In her lecture she will give an overview of the uses of contestation and their descriptive and normative potential.

Discussants are ACCESS EUROPE postdoc Andrey Demidov and Ingo Venzke, Associate Professor at the Department of International and European Law and at the Amsterdam Center for International Law.

The speaker

Antje Wiener is a Professor of Global Governance at the University of Hamburg. Her previous publications include The Invisible Constitution of Politics: Contested Norms and International Encounters (CUP, 2008) and ‘European’ Citizenship Practice: Building Institutions of a Non-State (West View, 1998). She is founding co-editor of the interdisciplinary journal Global Constitutionalism (CUP, since 2012) and has published widely on norms in international relations theories, European integration theories and on global constitutionalism.


Attendance is free of charge. For organizational reasons, please sign up for the meeting on the website of ACCESS EUROPE.

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