Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance

Inaugural Lecture Annette Schrauwen

15May2013 16:00 - 17:00


On 15 May 2013, Annette Schrauwen, Professor of European integration, in particular citizenhship law and history, delivers her inaugural lecture entitled 'Burgerschap onder gedeeld gezag' (Citizenship under shared authority).

In her inaugural, Annette Schrauwen argues that the European Union, by having created a European citizenship, sets out a plan for the future, in which the European citizen's role is not limited to that of participant in a common market, but also includes that of a member of a political and a social community. The EU and the individual member states share authority over the citizen and thus also share responsibilities beyond (judicial) rulemaking. They have to ensure that the citizens' rights are not compromised in case of conflicts caused by EU citizens exerting their rights, in particular migration rights.