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Commission Loyalty: A Fiduciary Approach to Delegated and Implementing Acts

02Dec2016 10:00 - 11:30


On 2 December, Eljalill Tauschinsky will publicly defend her PhD thesis entitled 'Commission Loyalty: A Fiduciary Approach to Delegated and Implementing Acts'. Open to the public.

In this thesis, Eljalill Tauschinsky gives a relational account of delegated and implementing rule-making in EU law. Her focus is on the Commission’s exercise of authority over the people implicated in Art. 290 and 291 acts. The thesis develops a normative framework for delegated and implementing rule-making, building on fiduciary concepts to construct the conditions for the democratic exercise of this non-representative authority. Eljalill argues for a normative requirement of fiduciary loyalty of the Commission to citizens and resident undertakings. Her argument is that this normativity is best operationalised by motivational accountability and proof of fairness in the adoption process. 

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