Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance

EU law aspects of the Dutch Coalition Agreements on immigration

10Sept2013 16:00 - 17:00


The immigration policies set forth in the Coalition Agreements of Rutte-I and, to a lesser extent Rutte-II, display considerable tension with international and European law. What are the implications of this divide for Dutch rule-making and what does this divide tell us about the European integration process in the field of immigration and asylum?

The speaker

Maarten den Heijer is assistant professor of international law at the Amsterdam Center of International Law. He is vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of Experts on International Immigration, Refugee and Criminal law, member of the editorial board of the caselaw journal European Human Rights Cases (EHRC), contributor to the Dutch Journal for Human Rights (NJCM-Bulletin) and member of the board of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. His research focuses on international and European immigration law.


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