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The European External Action Service

Legal Basis, Organisation and Functioning

09Apr2013 12:00 - 13:00


Pursuant to Article 13(3) of Council Decision 2010/427/EU of 26 July 2010 establishing the organisation and functioning of the European External Action Service, the High Representative is held to provide a review of the organisation and functioning of the EEAS by mid-2013. If necessary, the review will be accompanied by appropriate proposals for the revision of the 2010 Council Decision (e.g., suggestions for additional specific measures to correct possible imbalances of staffing). In that case, the Council will, in accordance with Article 27(3) TEU, revise the Decision in light of the review by the beginning of 2014.

In this seminar, Steven Blockmans will discuss the intricacies of the travaux préparatoires, the ambiguities of the text of the 2010 Council Decision, the strengths and weaknesses in the operation of the EEAS, and the sticking points in the current review process.

The speaker

Steven Blockmans is Professor of EU External Relations Law and Governance at the University of Amsterdam and Head of the EU Foreign Policy unit at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), a Brussels-based think tank. His expertise lies at the crossroads of international and EU law and governance. He has published widely on the institutional structures and legal principles for EU external action, the European Union’s role in global governance, norm promotion (inside out) and norm absorption (outside in), CFSP, CSDP, EU enlargement, ENP, trade, European development cooperation, EU humanitarian aid, and the external dimension of the Union's internal policies. Blockmans has worked on numerous technical assistance projects in wider Europe and Asia. He is one of the founding members of the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) and a visiting professor at the University of Leuven. Blockmans holds a PhD in law from Leiden University.



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