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ACELG Discussion Group: Benchmarking and Financing Student Mobility in Europe

Dr. Annette Schrauwen

21Feb2012 12:15 - 13:15


Dr. Annette Schrauwen

In the area of higher education, the relationship between the Bologna Process, Union law and national law is tense. This discussion group analyses that relationship through the lens of student grants and loans.

The Bologna Process is a form of voluntary cooperation between European states, including all those of the EU. One of the targets agreed in this process is to double student mobility in 2020. In the European Union, higher education and student mobility are anchored in the Lisbon Strategy and its successor, the Europe 2020 Strategy for growth and jobs. Student grants and loans, indispensable for student mobility, are firmly in the hands of the Member States. Their support systems differ widely according to the national perception of the role of the student in society. Still, financial support rules must be compatible with Union free movement law.

The discussion group will investigate how national financial measures are constrained by free movement rights. It will consider whether the current situation affects the Bologna target of higher mobility of students and could indirectly lead to social discrimination according to the wealth of the country of origin. Finally, it will conclude with a short discussion of how a European student loan guarantee scheme, as recently proposed by the Commission in its ‘Erasmus for all’ Communication, might decrease the tension between Bologna targets, Union law and financial support and what consequences this might have for the construction of a European view on the role of the student in society.


Annette Schrauwen is Associate Professor of European Law at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Law and Head of the Department of Public International and European Law. In her research she focuses on free movement within the EU, with a particular interest on the influence of EU free movement on national social policy and national education policy.

Venue and registration

Tuesday, 21 February 2012, 13.15 – 14.15 Oudemanhuispoort 4 – 6, 1012 CN Amsterdam, E 1.08

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