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ACELG Discussion Group: Le fédéralisme fédéré ou harmonisé? The Position of Dual Federal Systems in the EU Post Lisbon

25Jan2011 12:00 - 13:00


Dr. Thomas Vandamme

In political science literature, federal systems may be classified as ‘dual’ or ‘cooperative’ polities. Also for legal research, this classification has proven to be a good tool for analysis as evidenced by the recent work of Robert Schütze when he described the evolution of the EU from a dual to a cooperative system based on the development of its legislative activity. This contribution further explores this dichotomy between dual and cooperative systems from the perspective of Spain and Belgium, two EU Member States that are traditionally qualified as ‘dual’ systems. Under the influence of Europeanization these countries are said to have developed more cooperative systems of government in order to meet the exigencies of participation in EU policy building and its implementation. This research will be revisited here by mainly looking into the ways these two countries have dealt with the implementation of the Lisbon Protocol on Subsidiarity (‘Protocol Nr. 2’). Is the ‘EU-induced’ cooperative trend indeed confirmed in these countries or is it time to reassess earlier findings?

Thomas Vandamme is Assistant Professor of EU Law at the University of Amsterdam and researcher with the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance.

Venue and registration

Venue: University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law, room E 2.01
Time and Date: Tuesday, 25 March 2011, 13.00 - 14.00

Everybody is warmly invited to join. However, participants are expected to have read the paper in order to to be able to fully engage in the discussion.

If you do wish to attend, please sign up to request the papers. It will be ready for distribution a few days before the meeting.

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