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ACELG Seminar: A Step Forward in Democracy? Turkey's New Constitutional Amendments

M. Akif Akbas, Yeditepe University, Istanbul

21Sept2010 13:00 - 14:00


M. Akif Abkas, Yeditepe University, Istanbul Tuesday, 21 September, 13.00 - 14.00


In his presentation Akif Akbas will discuss the latest constitutional amendments that have been approved by 58 % of the Turkish voters in the recent referendum on 12 September 2010.

The Turkish Constitution of 1982 has been amended several times since its entry into force. However, this is the first time that a major amendment has been proposed dealing with the pillars of the State and its structure. The current amendment brings about a major change in the judicial structure of the State by reorganizing the set-up and the powers of the Constitutional Court and the High Board for Judges and Prosecutors.

Furthermore, the amendment leads to several other important changes effective in the areas of freedom of travel, protection of family, protection of personal data, positive discrimination of women and children, right to appeal to the civil servants against the disciplinary penalties and right to sign collective agreements to the civil servants, as well as the creation of an ombudsman. Also, the temporary article 15 of the 1982 Constitution has been repealed which provided immunity to the persons involved in the 1980 Military Coup. In the presentation, a general overview of all these amendments will be given as compared to the previous texts.


Mehmet Akif Akbas is currently a visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam's Law Faculty. Mr. Akbas received his B.A. from Yeditepe University Law Faculty and his LL.M. from UEA Norwich. He has been working as a research assistant at the European Law Chair at Yeditepe University Law Faculty and as a Ph.D. student at the same University since 2006.

Venue and registration

Venue: University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law, room E 2.01
Time and Date: Tuesday, 21 September 2010, 13:00 - 14.00

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